Accelerated Fitness Reviews

My husband and I have been training with Rich for many years now. We go once a week for full body work out, cross training, weights etc. Our exercises vary periodically and really help with our overall fitness. My husband is a runner, and with Rich coaching he has had less injuries and has increased his flexibility. We also really enjoy being able to go together to workout. Rich knowledge is remarkable. He is also able to adjust your workout if you are injured or have any issues. He is the best trainer !

Ellen C.

Great training. Supportive environment. If you’re looking to get stronger, slim down, or just add something fun and challenging to your routine, Accelerated Fitness is the place. Rich is awesome!

Melissa L.

I have been working out at Accelerated Fitness with Rich for 8 years, maybe longer. The time has flown by and I have loved every minute of it. I am over 60, strong, healthy and physically and mentally fit. Rich has been there for me through cancer treatment, shoulder reconstruction surgery and the various aches and pains of a life actively lived. He has always tailored my workouts to my personal fitness goals and physical capacity. He challenges me while keeping me from injuring myself or wasting my time on useless pieces of gym equipment. All of his clients are considerate, caring and encouraging. In addition to a great workout, a session at AF frequently leads to a good conversation or serious belly laugh, which is beneficial for the brain and the core! I highly recommend making Accelerated Fitness a part of a healthy lifestyle!!!!

Elizabeth F.

Rich Ruffing is an excellent trainer! He gets to know what his client needs in order to meet their goals. Definite results, if you follow his guidance.

Jean H.

Just turned 60 and feel great! Accelerated Fitness is a special studio. What stands out is Rich's detailed and professional approach to making sure workouts are aimed at my condition level and goals. His calm and pleasant approach combined with exceptional knowledge of the body helps avoid injuries while strengthening all areas. Rich has a great personality, is highly supportive and fun to be around. I've been a client for over 10 years! I highly recommend Accelerated Fitness

John S.

Great full body workout. Nice clean environment. Exercises changes at least monthly. Rich knows what he is doing.....

Ellen C.

I was very hesitant to try working out again with a personal trainer but all my concerns went away when I discovered Accelerated Fitness and started a fitness program with Alex. Alex and Rich provide top-notch individualized fitness programs, plenty of encouragement, and a comfortable well-designed workout space. I am really happy with the progress I have made so far!

Jennifer K.

Accelerated fitness is a great place to workout! Rich caters his workouts to each of his clients and is able to challenge clients of all levels. The gym is is a great space, always clean and has all the equipment you need. Rich is community oriented and is always hosting boot camps to raise money for different charities.

Danielle D.

7 years & counting, I depend on Accelerated Fitness. I'm scheduled, so I go. My workout combines aerobic, weights, balance, strength, flexibility. When I have a sore spot, I learn how to mend it. When I need more push, I get it. You can't go wrong spending time at Accelerated Fitness.

Denise A.

Been with Rich 8 years this June and love him! He pays attention to individual goals of his clients. He offers challenges to all his clients to keep in shape and the weight off. Rich also does Sunday boot camps for charity❤️

Deborah Z.

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